Thanks for visiting. I am currently working for Meltwater Group, a leading SaaS company in the digital intelligence space, which acquired JitterJam, a client company. As a result, I am not seeking any new clients at this time.

First Ascent Ventures, LLC is a business development and investment firm which specializes in assisting emerging and seed stage software companies, primarily based in New Hampshire and northern New England.

First time software entrepreneurs have many needs and questions that can be difficult to address without assistance. Angel or venture investors expect a CEO to have significant knowledge of markets, customers, competition, deal terms, valuations, and comparable exits - before making their pitch. Products need to be architected, designed, and built in a manner that maximizes their strategic fit to larger software companies who operate in related markets. Entrepreneurs need critical knowledge and a team of key advisors that can provide support for the founding team and help them avoid typical mistakes while maximizing opportunities.

Through our Virtual Founder ProgramSM, we help with these challenges by building a close working relationship with the founding team to help develop the company and idea and maximize the opportunity to get customers, revenue, and funding. We will structure a relationship directly and through our network that provides the required support without an up-front cash outlay. We will help you evaluate funding and bootstrapping options then work alongside your team to execute and grow the business. We will take a risk on your business just like you do. If funding is appropriate, we will act as a partner before and after the funding round to help maximize the return for you and your investors.

In mountain climbing, a first ascent is one of the most sought after accomplishments for promising mountaineers. By venturing into new and uncharted terrain, and tackling unknown risks, the mountaineer is challenged to utilize a wide range of skills to overcome the unknown difficulties and achieve something that has never been done. This is the inspiration for First Ascent Ventures.

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