Sama provides high-quality training data, validation, and annotation solutions for AI & machine learning models. Sama specializes in image, video, language, and sensor data annotation and validation for machine learning algorithms in industries including manufacturing and robotics, bio and medtech, autonomous vehicles, entertainment, e-commerce, retail, and agriculture. Any enterprise can send Sama images ranging from a simple iPhone picture to complex autonomous driving images from sensors, which Sama then processes using its enterprise-grade AI in a secure and privacy-compliant manner. Agents then confirm if the Sama technical AI annotation is correct, and these images are sent in batches to the agents to be reviewed in this manner. Sama is designed to train algorithms to annotate and provide more reliable and accurate data in the image processing space for artificial intelligence. Sama brings machine-learning analytics to a space traditionally reliant on low-cost gig economy workers, creating a more secure solution in the long run. Sama has over 80 customers in 2021. Customers include Google, NVIDIA, General Motors, Bosch, Microsoft, Peleton and Walmart.

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