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Scaling Beyond Startup Mode

In episode 6 of Scaling Success, Sean Cantwell invites Andrew Waitman, CEO of Assent Compliance, to discuss his experience “operating at the edge of chaos” as he helped the business scale beyond startup mode into the elite, high-performing company it is today. Check out the full episode to hear Andrew discuss humility, hard decision, and the grit it takes to win. About Andrew Waitman Andrew’s history of helping businesses succeed continues at Assent Compliance. Since becoming CEO, he has been integral to the company’s growth and helped it earn a spot on the Narwhal List for high-potential companies. Previously, Andrew was CEO of Pythian, overseeing its rise from a small business to one of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing global professional services companies. He also served as Managing Partner at Celtic House Venture Partners during its highest-performing years to date, when one fund produced one of the world’s top ten best venture fund returns ever. Andrew has served on the boards of more than 30 technology companies. He is currently a board member at Assent and Fidus Systems and sits on Genesys Capital’s advisory board.