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Sensibill Recognized by FinTech Breakthrough Awards Program for “Personal Finance Innovation Award”

TORONTO – Sensibill, the leading provider of everyday financial tools and SKU-level insights, today announced that it has been selected by FinTech Breakthrough as the winner of the “Personal Finance Innovation Award.” Sensibill joins leading companies, technologies and products in the global fintech market today as part of FinTech Breakthrough’s fifth annual awards program led by FinTech Breakthrough, an independent market intelligence organization.

Sensibill was an early pioneer in harnessing SKU-level data, breaking through the market with its innovative digital receipt and expense management solution that allows consumers and businesses to track spending, make returns and exchanges, submit warranties, and better manage their financial health. This level of data has enabled institutions to uncover deeper, more meaningful information about their customers, such as preferences, brand loyalties, life stages and timely financial needs. The company recently introduced its Sensibill Platform, a comprehensive platform complete with spend management, receipt management, and expense management capabilities – all embedded within the financial institution’s mobile and online banking applications. Its platform makes SKU-level data much more actionable than ever before, delivering on the company’s mission to make financial wellness attainable for all.

“The need for financial institutions to better know their customers and help them manage everyday spending has never been greater and Sensibill is empowering institutions to finally get personalization right,” said James Johnson, Managing Director of FinTech Breakthrough. “By harnessing Sensibill’s SKU-level data to deliver tailored experiences and advice, the enhanced customer experience builds loyalty and fuels growth while also helping customers’ hard-earned money go further. Our sincere congratulations to Sensibill for their well-deserved success and industry recognition with this award.”

“We strongly believe that with relevant financial resources and tools, anyone has the ability to become their best financially,” commented Corey Gross, Co-founder and CEO of Sensibill. “Our comprehensive platform is available to financial institutions of all sizes, because just like consumers, there shouldn’t be a limit to who can provide or receive the tools to achieve financial wellness. Not only is winning the FinTech Breakthrough award a testament to the technology and partnerships we’ve built, but a call to the industry to make financial wellness and personalization a priority – not another line item.”

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