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The Barcode: Stress-baking and popcorn are the new norm

TORONTO-- Sensibill, the leading provider of everyday financial tools and SKU-level insights, delivers its second in a series of monthly reports, entitled The Barcode Report, leveraging item-level receipt data to deliver the world’s deepest and most relevant insights on everyday consumer spending. The Barcode Report transforms the SKU-level data derived from digital receipts into consumable and actionable facts (details include item names,…

Sensibill Partners with Chase for Digital Receipt Management

Toronto, ON - June 11th 2020 - Sensibill has partnered with Chase to provide the bank with its digital receipt management solution, making it easier and quicker than ever before for Chase customers to make returns, submit warranties and expenses, track spending and manage their financial health. “Chase has created a digital banking experience that makes it easier for consumers…