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The Barcode: Stress-baking and popcorn are the new norm

TORONTO– Sensibill, the leading provider of everyday financial tools and SKU-level insights, delivers its second in a series of monthly reports, entitled The Barcode Report, leveraging item-level receipt data to deliver the world’s deepest and most relevant insights on everyday consumer spending.

The Barcode Report transforms the SKU-level data derived from digital receipts into consumable and actionable facts (details include item names, prices, taxes, tips, off-card spend, return, warranty information, and much more). In this report, Sensibill focuses on new habits and hobbies that consumers have adopted during the pandemic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spending on baking-related items tripled per person during the pandemic.
  • Consumers spent 37% more on popcorn during lockdown than before.
  • Money spent on popcorn shifted from theaters to grocery stores, contributing to a 20% increase in popcorn-related purchases in-store.

Izabella Gabowicz, Chief Operating Officer of Sensibill, said, “We’re fascinated by the amount of information organizations can learn from consumers everyday spend, revealing underlying habits, behaviors, and lifestyles. There’s power in harnessing SKU-level data to not only understand customers, but also to create better targeted marketing campaigns, surface relevant offers and rewards, and more. The monthly Barcode reports are intended for anyone who finds value in trends and data to inform decisions within their organization. And it’s an excellent example of the level of detail all organizations should expect from their data.”

Please click here to find the full version of the April report.