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What is the Importance of Managing Everyday Spend When it Comes to Financial Wellness…

NCR’s Senior Product Manager, Digital Banking Bryan Link, Sensibill’s Founder/CEO Corey Gross, and Leaders Credit Union’s Chief Marketing Officer Leigh Anne Bentley joined us on the show to share their collaborative expertise on the importance of managing everyday spend when it comes to financial wellness.

Here’s what they talked about:

Credit unions and fintechs alike have found members aren’t planning in years or months, but weeks and even days. What’s going on here with this shift?

What is the importance of managing everyday spend – what the pandemic has taught us?

How do we create healthier financial habits now and in a post-pandemic world?

Can you tell us more about Leaders Credit Union’s can financial wellness program?

How can credit unions can use data-driven insights to better understand their members during this time?

Fantastic conversation from the group on a very timely topic.